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11/07/13  •  Features

Mid-Major Momentum?

Some say power conferences continue to dominate college sports across the board, but there continue to be mid-major volleyball programs executing stunning upsets in early NCAA rounds


05/22/13  •  Features

Solid Foundations

These successful volleyball coaches have a background in basketball. What does one sport do for the other?


12/11/12  •  Features

Navigating the Fine Line

What's the difference between coaching men and women?


11/12/12  •  Features

A Cut Above

Distortion of height in college athletics: women round down, men round up?


07/17/12  •  Articles

On The Road, Volleyball Style

Truth: Playing away games can be difficult.


10/14/11  •  NCAA

Concordia University-St. Paul Coach Shares Winning Ways

Brady Starkey and team have hit the record books.


05/25/11  •  NCAA

Westlake High Grads Conquor NCAA Finals

Westlake High School, propped on the edge of Texas hill country, saw three alumni play in last year’s NCAA Division I Final Four games. Spectators wonder: what is in the water?



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Greg Echlin, a freelance sports journalist based in the Kansas City area, has covered the NCAA volleyball Final Four in two of the last three years in Omaha and Kansas City. Echlin is also sports contributor to KCUR-FM, the National Public Radio affiliate in K.C., Kansas Public Radio and to NPR national programs such as “Only A Game” that is produced in Boston.