Summer Reading

Thinking Volleyball, by Mike Hebert

Legendary former University of Minnesota head coach brings you this volume of priceless coaching knowledge. The book includes anecdotes from Hebert’s 35-year coaching career sprinkled among technical advice and discussions of strategy. You’ll be a much smarter coach and player after reading this book.

Beach Volleyball, by Karch Kiraly and Byron Shewman

Karch is the king and this book is the ultimate beach volleyball reference. Filled with helpful drills, workouts, and discussions on strategy and technique, this is a great place to start if you want to improve your beach game this summer.

Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life, by Misty May-Treanor and Jill Lieber Steeg

We all know who Misty May-Treanor is, but how much do you really know about her? This autobiography was published in 2010 after May-Treanor won her second Olympic gold with partner Kerri Walsh Jennings. The book starts at the beginning with May-Treanor’s childhood spent on the beaches of Southern California.

Take it to the Next Level: Finding the Keys to a Higher Level of Performance, by Rick Rassier

Rick Rassier made a name for himself in the volleyball world back in the ’90s when he toured the country challenging volleyball teams to play him one-on-six as a way to share his message about setting goals and staying drug and alcohol free. He never lost a game. Since then, Rassier has continued to be involved in sports, physical education, and motivational speaking. The result of all those experiences is this book, which might just be the push you need to take your game to, well, you know.

Big Girl in the Middle, by Gabrielle Reece and Karen Karbo

Both a biographical account of Reece’s life and a contemplation of women’s position in the world of sports, Big Girl in the Middle is certainly not a shiny new release (it was published in 1997), but the story still highlights a lot of issues today’s athletes and coaches will find interesting.

The Score’s Wrong: The Lunatic Rantings of a Volleyball Dad, by Thomas J. Wurtz

A 132-page inside joke for club parents to share, this book resulted from the author’s 10 years spent sitting on bleachers and shuttling his three daughters and their teammates from one gym to another. Expect to laugh, groan, and nod along in agreement as you read.

Originally published in June 2014


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