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Derek, Tri, Sheila, and Brittany meet at the conference table.

Beach volleyball pros often express how lucky they are to have the beach as their office, but in case they didn’t know what they were missing, we brought a slice of corporate life out to the sand. Our models, beach pros Tri Bourne, Brittany Hochevar, Derek Olson, and Sheila Shaw practiced their phone pitches, gave strategy presentations, and hung out by the water cooler, but try as we might they flat-out refused to wear shoes and no one was ready to rush off to b-school when we were done.

While we aren’t all so lucky to traverse the boardwalk on the way to our desk, it’s that time of year where we need to start thinking about our competition gear for the impending summer filled with beach leagues and weekend tournaments. Our pros highlighted their favorite bikinis, boardshorts, and other essential gear, and with the professional stamp of approval, you know these pieces are a solid investment.

Here are the pros' favorite items and the reasons they dig them.


Bluesmiths Spartan Ocean Shorts: Growing up in Hawaii and now playing beach volleyball for a living, I’ve spent the majority of my life wearing boardshorts, and out of the thousands of pairs I’ve owned, Bluesmiths is by far the highest quality.

Scott Hawaii “Slippers”: Scott Slippers are a must-have if you’re anywhere near the ocean.

SAYiWONT Hat: SAYiWONT is a brand based around a lifestyle concept for those who choose not to see the impossible, only the opportunity. It’s a great reminder to challenge myself every day.

AVP Hat: It’s important for me to wear the AVP logo as much as possible because I want to contribute to the tour’s success and give back to the entity that gives me an opportunity to make a living playing volleyball.


Groceries Apparel
Chiquita Sweater: Made in LA, organic basics. I live real life in these. Everything is better in organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and wool.

Water Bottle: I dig these water bottles. They are made of glass and water tastes better out of glass, but it’s protected with the rubber, which is good for me.

Track and Field Leggings: Brazil knows how to do suits and workout gear. I like funky, edgy stuff to go from court, to store, to dinner and out… Why not? I’m the boss of me.


Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses: Like the style and I can actually play in them as well.

Lovelife Tank Top: A group of my friends created the Lovelife brand and have been using music to create a positive culture in San Diego. Theirs is a simple message that reminds me to enjoy
the moment and appreciate the journey.

Oakley ¼ Zip Pullover: A zipper that won’t actually rip your beard off. I also like the red wine and coffee-stain-proof color.

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack: Has a very necessary protective pocket for sunglasses and lots of room for activities.

Rip Curl Mirage Aggrofill 2.0 Boardshorts: best boardies to play in. It feels like I’m not wearing anything… Yes, I like that.

Rip Curl Mirage Boardwalk Shorts: I can coach, travel, and take these shorts into the water, all in the same day. And there are loops around the waist for a belt option if you’re into commanding a little more respect.


Lululemon Wunder Under Pant: Not just for yoga, these pants are awesome for playing volleyball or working out. The fabric offers great support while still feeling soft and smooth.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses: Not only do they protect your eyes from the sand and sun, but the polarized lenses give me a glare-free picture of the court.

Smack Sportswear Fixed Triangle Top: This athletic swimwear is perfect for high-level volleyball competition. Three cheers for neck-ache-free swimwear!

Fabletics Long Sleeve Top: Perfect for warm-ups or practice on a chilly day. I have long arms and these sleeves actually cover the distance.

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Styling by Monica Malosky

Originally published in May 2014

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