The Sleeve-It holds six fully-inflated volleyballs.
The Sleeve-It holds six fully-inflated volleyballs.

Transporting unruly volleyballs challenges even the most veteran of players and coaches. Most of us simply accept the struggle with heavy metal storage crates and shapeless ball bags as unavoidable, but the creators of Sleeve-It offer a new hope for the organization and easy transportation of those pesky spheres.

The tube-shaped Sleeve-It keeps your equipment closet clean and organized and helps coaches easily make sure they have all the balls they came with before leaving an away venue. Each sleeve holds six fully-inflated volleyballs and features a metal grommet that allows the bag to be hung for convenient, out-of-the-way storage.

Beach players who do a lot of traipsing back and forth to the sand courts will find Sleeve-It helpful too, thanks to the comfortable shoulder strap.

Originally published in April 2014

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