Clear the Clutter

Eliminate clutter from your life and mind to reach your goals

As an athlete, creating a vision for your season ahead is exciting. It’s a fresh start, a new opportunity. However, sometimes you might find yourself experiencing more failure than success. That could be because you have too much “clutter” in the way, and I’m not talking about piles of paper, I’m talking about creating space and clearing out the negative patterns that keep us all stuck.

What is “clutter”? Clutter can be excuses and stories. It can be limiting beliefs such as “It’s too hard” or “I’m not good enough.” It can be time constraints; it can be mental chatter and doubt. Clutter is what subconsciously keeps us stuck in negative patterns, habits, and routines.

In order to clear it, you need to know your enemy. And before that, you need to identify with your goals and future desired state.

Step 1 – Visualize
In order to embody your future desired state visualize yourself meeting that goal and how that experience will feel on a sensory level (what will you hear, see, and smell). Close your eyes and load up this experience; document it in a journal to make it stick.

Step 2 – Brainstorm
Create a list of any and all clutter that could possibly get in the way of committing to your new goal (this includes an over-booked schedule, fear, self-doubt, etc.).

Step 3 – Clear
Place a star next to things that are within your control and start to take action. This is simply an exercise in saying NO to some things in order to say YES to choices that bring you closer to your desired state.

Calendar packed? Learn to say NO to items that are not in alignment with your desire

Mental chatter? Start a daily meditation practice; it’s as simple as sitting and breathing in silence for five minutes or writing in journal for 10 minutes a day to clear your mind

Low energy? Cut out all processed foods and sugar, drink more water, and pack super-food snacks (such as almond butter date balls or chia seed pudding) to keep your energy levels stable

Create space for what you desire and set up your environment to support those desires. What you prioritize will become realized.

Originally published in April 2014

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