2013 Gift Guide

Our favorite gadgets and gifts to give or receive this holiday season.

Ballistic Every Series Phone Case

Active kids (and adults) can be tough on cell phones, but Ballistic cases have reinforced corners and built-in screen protectors, not to mention rubber pads that keep your phone suspended inside the case so when you drop it, the shock is safely absorbed. Crushed at the bottom of the volleyball bag, left on the gym floor, or dropped from the bleachers, Ballistic can handle it all.

$49.99, goballisticcase.com

Bondi Band Bracelet Hair Ties

Do you know someone who always wears a hair tie on her wrist? Why not help her make it a fashion statement instead of just a necessity. Bondi Band bracelet hair ties come with or without charms and in a variety of colors and patterns to fit any fashionable volleyballer’s style.

$2 each, bondiband.com

Bondi Band Headbands

Bondi Band makes the most comfortable headband on the market – the optional funny and inspirational sports and fitness sayings are just a bonus as far as we’re concerned.

$8, bondiband.com

Hytail Hat

Dedicated high-ponytail wearers have sworn off baseball caps for years. That is until NorCal-based ADActivewear developed the Hytail hat, designed to accommodate a high ponytail and allow the wearer to comfortably sport sunglasses and hat at the same time. (If you’ve ever gotten a headache from your baseball cap smashing your sunglasses into your temples, you know why this is so important.) All anti-baseball hat excuses stop with the Hytail Hat, making it a great stocking stuffer for beach volleyball players needing serious sun protection.

$19.99, adactivewear.com

iStabilizer tabMount

Parents huddled behind tablets filming club tournaments and high school matches is the new normal. Help mom or dad out with a tabMount, a device that allows a tablet to hook into any standard tripod so they can enjoy the game instead of focusing on keeping the tablet still and on target all match.

$24.95, istabilizer.com

Mizuno Beach Gear

You might think a bikini makes an odd holiday gift, but with Mizuno’s brand new beach volleyball line making its debut this fall, it’s actually the perfect time to begin preparing for beach season 2014. With the new Beach Omni Tights and Drive ½ Zip Jacket, your favorite beach bum will be ready to hit the sand at first thaw.
Beach Magnus Top, $45; Beach Fortis Brief, $36;
Beach Omni Tights, $44; Drive ½ Zip Jacket, $48


RockTape, a brand of kinesiology tape, claims to use a “biomechanical lifting mechanism which delays fatigue, stabilizes joints, prevents ring and hand burn, and promotes proper form.” Many beach and indoor volleyball players alike swear by kinesio tape, and RockTape just happens to come in a massive variety of fun patterns, including tiger, biohazard, and argyle (pictured), making them one of our favorite brands.

$20 for 16’ roll, rocktape.com

Swinn Sports Bras

For the funky friend or teammate too cool for any other gift: the Swinn sports bra. Swinn long ago recognized that volleyball is the hippest of all sports and thus began catering their particular brand of sass specifically with volleyball ladies in mind.

$32, iloveswinn.com

Originally published in January 2014

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