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As we watch women’s college teams across all divisions make their final push through the regular season, we decided to take some time to talk to coaches and put together a collection of features that break down their strategies and delve deep into their motivations and greatest challenges. What we found is that while some basics of the coaching profession stay the same across the board—set a strong example, build camaraderie among team members, put in lots of hours—each program and situation requires a slightly different approach. All coaches have a unique background and experience that shapes their philosophy on the bench, and often that philosophy changes or adapts over the years. From practice to game time and beyond, here are some of best coaching tips we collected throughout this issue.

Mary Wise, Florida
“[As] a young coach who loved the game, my whole goal was to make [my players’] experience as good as mine was when I played at Purdue.”

Jason Watson, Arizona State University
“At the beginning of each practice the [players] write their signature on the white board. At the end of practice, they get to decide if they’re going to ‘leave their signature’ on their performance. It’s not up to us, it’s up to them.”

Dan Friend, Lewis University
“I borrow drills and morph them as needed to best suit my team.”

JJ Goddu, Penn State University
“Things can get frustrating when you try to rate your personal performance based on the overall team’s performance. It is important to understand that you are only one part of the big picture.”

Tom Hilbert, Colorado State University
“I don’t talk about our record. I remind [my team] that we don’t expect to win because we have a good record. We still have to earn each win.”

Brandon Rosenthal, Lipscomb University
“I approach this [job] as if I was opening a business.”

Aubrey Everett, Editor

Originally published in January 2014

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