Volley Twitter Goes International

Our best beach players have begun their season of international travel. Follow their ups and downs on Twitter.

April 28, 2013
@summernoelross (Summer Ross)
Back in the states! I need #innout asap

May 5, 2013
@LaurenFendrick (Lauren Fendrick)
I acquired more followers while in China having no access to post on Twitter. What does that say about my tweets? #sometimessilenceisbest

May 6, 2013
@AprilRossBeach (April Ross)
Another reason we don’t eat meat while in China #yuck RT @latimes: Rat meat passed off as lamb in China, report says

May 6, 2013
@JenniferFopma (Jennifer Fopma)
Home from China 24 hours & I’m pretty sure I’ve consumed more calories than in the past 2 weeks! #HungryHippo #MEAT Back to work tomorrow!!

May 6, 2013
@EmDay6 (Emily Day)
Not sleepy. #chinaproblems #15hourtimechange #8ampracticeisgonnakillme

May 8, 2013
@JenniferKessy (Jennifer Kessy)
The #nba doesn’t want any player reaction or personality. Quit it w/the technical! You look like the #fivb controlling the players.

May 10, 2013
@RyanDVolley (Ryan Doherty)
@FIVBHeroes is now following me. I guess that 17th in Open is a bigger deal than I thought. #Hero

May 13, 2013
@PhilDalhausser (Phil Dalhausser)
My new partner @SeanRosenthal and I got back from our 1st two tourneys. We won the 1st and got 9th in the 2nd. Not a bad start!!

Originally published in July 2013

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