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Everyone has strategies for improvement this year, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual.

January 15, 2013
@AprilRossBeach (April Ross)
“Your body is not a noun, it’s a verb. It’s an activity.” -Deepak Chopra (he just taught us how to meditate, NBD.) #HealthMatters2013

January 11, 2013
@EmDay6 (Emily Day)
Friday night sweat sesh brought to you by
@bikramhermosa. #namaste

January 3, 2013
@DSUXHO7 (Donald Suxho)
After a short but wonderful trip to Brazil, back to Buenos Aires today.. Time to train hard and prepare for second half of the season:).

January 10, 2013
@tanyaxwhite (Tanya White)
@speedofsport ism of the day “when you fall of the ball just keep getting back on, eventually you elongate the span between falls & stay on”

January 2, 2013
@KellyReeves02 (Kelly Reeves)
Well that surf session was an extreme challenge #BigWaves #ArmsRTotallyDead #WipeOutCity But hey, gotta start somewhere #WannaBeSurferChick

January 15, 2013
@DigAurora (Aurora SG)
Remind me not to play beach volleyball for 3.5 hours on the same day as my 2 hour firefighter pre-academy workouts. :P

January 14, 2013
@FSU_Volleyball (FSU Volleyball)
@FSU_Volleybal is already back to individual skill training. The drive to get better never stops! #nofilter

January 15, 2013
@ChelseaRashoff (Chelsea Rashoff)
1st time touching a volleyball in 6 months since my back injury! Could hardly breathe, but feels so good to be on the sand w/ @JessGysin

January 8, 2013
@NicoleBranagh (Nicole Branagh)
Made it thru the cleanse!! I think for me doing during week is better! I am busier so I don’t think about food all day!!!

January 17, 2013
@jenniferkessy (Jennifer Kessy)
A little sore form my @cdmfitness workout yesterday but being at the office is inspiring. #luckylady

January 17, 2013
@JessGysin (Jess Gysin)
Beautiful but freezing morning in SoCal! Wearing 4 layers and socks today for training #numbtoes

Originally published in March/April 2013

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