Tournament Magic Events Thrill Juniors Across the Country

Tournament Magic volleyball events being close to 40,000 athletes and attendees.

Kay Rogness and Lauri Dagostino, founders of Tournament Magic, are arguably the best juniors volleyball tournament organizers in the country. They annually host the Capitol Hill Classic in Washington D.C., the Colorado Crossroads in Denver, the Big South Tournament in Atlanta, and the A-Town Showdown, also in Atlanta. These events attract some of the largest showings of junior teams and players, as well as total attendees. Exhibitors and sponsors clamber to secure spots at the tournaments and college coaches always have these events on their recruiting schedules.

It’s all in the numbers – the largest of their tournaments, Big South and Colorado Crossroads, each have somewhere around 35-40,000 total attendees, bringing in around $20 million for their host cities. And the tournaments will continue to grow in 2013: from 1,100 teams in 2012 for Colorado Crossroads to 1,218 this year, and from 1,154 teams at the Big South in 2012 to 1,277 teams signed up this year.

Each of these tournaments also features the Tournament Magic Virtual Showcase where interested players are split up on courts by their position and run through various drills for the benefit of college coaches looking to recruit for their teams. The girls who participate receive a skills video to take home with them and the URL to their video on the University Athlete website. This service is provided for $75 per player.

Big South and Colorado Crossroads are also qualifiers for the USAV Junior National Tournament. The 2013 A-Town Showdown was Jan. 18-21, but the other three tournaments are yet to come.

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Upcoming Tournaments
Capitol Hill Classic, February 16-18
Colorado Crossroads, March 2-4 & March 8-10
Big South, March 30-April 1

Originally published in March/April 2013

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