Spring Break -- I Miss You

Aubrey-editor's letter
Aubrey-editor's letter

One of the things I miss most about college is spring break. That one week meant a pause from class, time to recharge your batteries, and best of all – the promise of some days filled with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Of course this will ring truest for New Englanders like me, or other northerners, and you California students likely can’t relate to what it feels like the first time your toes see the outdoors after nearly six months of socks and boots.

While in college I played DIII softball. There’s not much you can do on the softball field in January and February in Boston, so we always knew that March meant Florida. The feeling of stepping onto a plane wrapped up in a down North Face and deplaning with a t-shirt on, is one of the best parts about winter travel. You remember what it feels like to have your face warmed by the sun, the air smells different, and birds are actually out and chirping.

Our days were filled with practice and pre-season games—that was the point of the trip, after all, and we enjoyed every minute of it—while the nights meant lounging by our hotel’s pool, group dinners at Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse, and various hijinks that tend to occur when a dozen college students travel together. That week away from snow and frigid weather gave us promise that spring was indeed around the corner, that little push we needed to make it through the final months of winter.

As an adult, I could certainly steal away from work for a week or a few days in the middle of March, and in the years since college I have (Arizona, Los Angeles, Key West, to name a few). But sometimes things come up – a work commitment, rationing of vacation days, family obligations, tight budgets. The official spring break week is no longer guaranteed.

This March my husband I are traveling to Vermont to stay in our family’s mountain chalet for an extended weekend away. Vermont, you might ask yourself? That is certainly not the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast or the tropical climates of the Caribbean. No, but I am also not the college student that I once was, simply looking for a winter escape. I am an adult who cherishes any time away from the daily grind and a relaxing few days with my husband and no TV.

Florida isn’t going anywhere – I can always visit her next year.

Aubrey Everett, Editor

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