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Power Grip helps eliminate sweaty hands, to allow for a cleaner touch or stronger grip.

You’re out on the beach, playing volleyball. The sun is beating down on you, and you’re covered in sweat. Every time you take the second ball with your hands, you get called for a double – but you swear it’s not you, you never double, it’s just your darn sweaty hands. There is now a product that can make that situation go away. You may be covered in sweat, but your hands don’t have to be.

Power Grip ($9.99) is a new workout tool that helps keep your hands dry and your grip strong. Made with Liquid Chalk Technology, Power Grip keeps athletes on top of their game by not allowing sweaty hands to get in the way of their play. With its quick acting, dry formula, Power Grip works more or less instantly, and is advertised to last up to two hours.

Reviews for Power Grip mostly agree that the product achieves what it is meant to do. Some contest the two-hour staying power but most athletes agree that it is worth it. A reviewer on said, “I play a lot of indoor volleyball as a setter. Given that 95 percent of my contact with the ball takes place on my hands, I need them to be dry to avoid getting called for illegal contact. I usually apply Power Grip once every hour that I’m playing and it works like a charm.”

Power Grip also has a sister product, Court Grip, which would be useful for indoor volleyball players. A little more expensive at $14.99, Court Grip is applied to the sole of your sneaker to provide increased traction. With greater traction, athletes can move quicker and make more powerful plays.

Court Grip received mixed reviews. The main complaint is that if an athlete is playing on a dusty floor, the dust will stick to the product creating a slippery layer on the sole of the sneaker, necessitating multiple applications. Many agree that it does increase traction at first, but factors such as weight and court condition decrease the staying power.

Court Grip was co-developed by Dwyane Wade and has been approved for use by the NCAA and NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations).

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Originally published in February 2013

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