Stats App for Coaches Comes to the U.S.

A screenshot of the VBStats HD app.
A screenshot of the VBStats HD app.

From signing documents to scanning them, from blood sugar control to medication reminders, and from Etsy to the Walking Dead, there is literally an app for almost everything. But coaching? There’s a new app for that as well.

For $29.99, volleyball coaches can access player and team statistics at any time, helping them to make immediate, informed decisions and changes and giving them advantages that other coaches may not have. The split-second data can give coaches the ability to capitalize on the opposing team’s weaknesses.

Perana Sports’ statistical analysis program is called VBStatsHD. It was released in the Apple App Store on Nov. 8, and has already been updated once.

The software was developed in consultation with coaches in the U.S., Australia, and Europe.

The Indiana University Hoosiers have been using VBStatsHD on the bench and in practice. The app has allowed coaches to give instant feedback during drills, which increases the coaches’ efficiency in training players. And it has been used in the Big Ten Conference to track individual and team performance.

Box scores, hitting and serving charts, rotational analysis, and set distribution constitute some of the information provided to coaches. The software aims to make all of this information available in one compact and easy-to-use place so coaches can make the best decisions for their teams with little time wasted.

Perana Sports also produces statistical and video analysis software for coaches of other sports, including tennis and cricket.

Originally published in February 2013

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