How Do You Stay Motivated?

VBM Editor Aubrey Everett shares her fitness motivation tips

Aubrey editor photo
Aubrey editor photo

In order for me to fully commit to working out on a consistent basis and put all my energy and concentration into a session, I have to have an end goal in mind. Whether it is to prepare for a 10K in two months, lose 10 pounds, or increase ab definition, there has to be something driving my workouts. I see that goal while I am at the gym, pounding the pavement, or struggling to get out of bed for an early morning training session. It propels me forward and keeps me on track. Without it, there always seems to be an excuse not to work out or to stay in bed on those lazy mornings. I rely on that goal.

My husband is of the exact opposite school of thought. For him, a goal is constricting. It is confining. It is pressure. With an end goal he feels forced to go to the gym, rather than making the decision on his own accord. Even so, when it comes time to perform, he is prepared and ready to go. His preparation just comes in a different way.

My sister relies on yet another type of motivation – a human being. Her trainer is her end goal and her motivator all wrapped into one. He keeps tabs on her, he texts her throughout the week confirming their appointments, he encourages her to increase her weights during a session, and he books their next appointment right there on the spot. She can’t bail on a workout, because she would have to face his disappointment and waste the money she spent reserving his time. There simply isn’t an excuse good enough to miss a session.

We all work out in different ways and find unique sources of motivation. Some of us like to sweat, others like to enter a “Zen” zone, and many of us like to make it a team activity. Find your personal preference and make it work for you. Here is to good fitness and good health for all Volleyball magazine readers in 2013.


Aubrey Everett, Editor

Originally published in January 2013

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