2012 Volleyball Girls' Final Club Rankings

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With tournament MVP Kelsey Horvath on their side, Coast 16-1 JJ won the 16 Open at Junior Nationals.
With tournament MVP Kelsey Horvath on their side, Coast 16-1 JJ won the 16 Open at Junior Nationals.


1. Tampa Bay Juniors 18 Black

The skinny: Team went 76-3 overall and dominated at Junior Nationals in Columbus en route to the 18 Open national title.

2. ASICS Munciana Samurai

The skinny: Went 11-1 and finished second at AAU Nationals with its only loss to China-based Shandong in the final. Morgan Bergren, Lauryn Gillis, and Jaydn Pegues were All-American picks in Orlando.

3. Sky High 18 Black

The skinny: Despite losing three matches, made it to 18 Open Junior Nationals final behind all-tournament picks Mary Striedl, Melanie Jereb, and Abby Gilleland.

4. Front Range 18 Black

The skinny: Won its first eight matches at Junior Nationals before losing to Tampa Bay. Nicole Edelman was an all-tournament selection.

5. Vision 18 Gold

The skinny: At one point in the season, Vision 18 Gold was 72-0. Brittany Howard was an all-tournament pick at Junior Nationals.

6. Mizuno Sports Performance 18 Elite

The skinny: Racked up a 10-1 mark and tied for third at AAU Nationals with Meghan Haggerty and Lauren Carlini picking up All-American honors.

7. Nebraska Juniors 181

The skinny Nebraska Juniors went 10-1 (20-2 in sets) at AAU Nationals. Its only loss was to tournament champion Shandong. Kadie Rolfzen and Kelly Hunter were All-American picks.

8. Austin Juniors 18 Mizuno

The skinny: Austin Juniors finished fifth at Junior Nationals with an 8-3 mark. Molly McCage and Amy Neal were all-tournament selections.

9. TAV 18 Black

The skinny: Elizabeth Fortado was an all-tournament pick for TAV, which went 6-3 at Junior Nationals.

10. Dead Frog DFFO 18

The skinny: Michigan-based club went 8-2 at AAU Nationals and finished tied for fifth. Adrianna Culbert was an All-American selection in 18 Open.


1. Mizuno Northern Lights 17-1

The skinny: Won Junior Nationals with a perfect 20-0 set mark and took fourth at AAU going 11-1 in matches and 22-2 in sets. Samantha Seliger was the Junior Nationals MVP and Alyssa Goehner was all-tournament at Junior Nationals and AAUs.


The skinny: AAU National Champions went 12-0 on their home turf in Orlando. Also finished sixth at Junior Nationals with an 8-3 mark. Hailey Luke was the AAU MVP in 17 Open.

3. TAV 17 Black

The skinny: Ping Cao-coached North Texas Region entrant went 9-1 at Junior Nationals. Alyssa Desjardins, Chiaka Ogbogu, and Ebony Nwanebu were all-tournament picks in Columbus.

4. Tstreet 17 Troy

The skinny: Finished tied for third at Junior Nationals, going 8-2. Tia Scambray and Bailey Tanner were all-tournament selections.

5. Payes Black 17-1

The skinny: Tied with Tstreet 17 Troy at Junior Nationals (Tstreet beat Payes head-to-head in Columbus). Alison Spindt and Kyra Holt were all-tournament picks.

6. Milwaukee Sting

The skinny: Finished 12-1 at AAU nationals, losing to OVA in the tournament final. Olivia Akin, Kaysie Shebeneck, and Katie Stadick were All-American picks.

7. ASICS KIVA 17 Red

The skinny Finished third at AAU nationals with an 11-1 mark (23-3 in sets). Jessica Lucas and Maya McClendon were All-American honorees.

8. Mizuno Long Beach Rockstar 17-1

The skinny: Went 8-3 and finished fifth at Junior Nationals. Justine Wong-Orantes and Frankie Shebby were all-tournament selections.

9. Wave Jeanne 17-1

The skinny: Wave finished tied for seventh with St. Louis CYC in Columbus. Wave defeated St. Louis CYC head-to-head. Reily Buechler was an all-tournament selection.

10. Dead Frog DFFO 17

The skinny: Leah Perri was an All-American selection for a team that went 9-1 (19-2 in sets) and tied for fifth at AAUs.


1. Coast 16-1 JJ

The skinny: Won Junior Nationals in 16 Open with a 10-1 mark. Kelsey Horvath was named tournament MVP and joined on the all-tournament team by Brittany Abercrombie and Alexandra Loitz.

2. Fusion 16 Black

The skinny: AAU champions took home the gold in Orlando with a perfect 13-0 mark. Alexandra Frantti was named tournament MVP. Bryanna Weiskircher and Adeja Lambert also were All-American selections.

3. Academy Volleyball Cleveland 16N Rox Harvey

The skinny: Finished tied for third at Junior Nationals and tied for fifth at AAU nationals. Abby Detering was an all-tournament pick at Junior Nationals and an All-American selection at AAUs.

4. Skyline 16 RSB Royal

The skinny Lost to Coast in the Junior Nationals 16 Open final. Erika Timberline, McKenzie Shea, and Jennifer Shea were all-tournament selections.

5. Milwaukee Sting 16 Gold

The skinny: Finished second to Fusion at AAUs behind the strong play of All-American selections Caitlyn Coffey, Simone Lee, and Michelle Fugarino.

6. TAV 16 Black

The skinny: Amassed a 7-3 mark at Junior Nationals and tied for third with Cleveland. Christien Sikora and Catherine McCoy were all-tournament honorees.

7. A5 Mizuno 161 Jackie

The skinny Tied for third at AAU Nationals and finished with an 11-1 mark (22-4 in sets). Annika Olsen and Haley Templeton were All-American picks.

8. KC Power 16-1

The skinny: Took fifth in Columbus with an 8-2 mark. Kali Eaken and Anna Kropf were all-tournament selections.

9. ASICS Munciana Cubbies

The skinny: Tied for third at AAU nationals, going 9-4. Jesse Earl and Sierra Witham were All-American selections.

10. Mizuno Sports Performance 16 Elite

The skinny: Tied for fifth at AAU nationals. Illinois-based club went 11-1 and placed Rachel Minarick on the All-American list.


1. Mizuno Northern Lights 15-1

The skinny: Went 12-1 en route to the AAU National Title in 15 Open. Natalie Haben was the tournament MVP, while Mira Grinsfelder and Jade Tingelhoff picked up All-American honors.

2. Michio Chicago 15 National

The skinny: Won the 15 Open title at Junior Nationals with a 9-1 mark. Kennedy Arundel earned MVP honors. Margaret Scanlon and Kelsey Clark were all-tournament picks.

3. Five Starz 15-1

The skinny: Lost in the title match at Junior Nationals to Michio. Mikaela Nocettie, Adlee Van Winden, and Torrey Van Winden were all-tournament selections.

4. Mizuno Long Beach 15 Rockstar

The skinny: Tied for third at Junior Nationals, finishing 7-2. Noreen Iosia and Yaasmeen Bedart-Ghani were all-tournament honorees.

5. TAV 15 Black

The skinny: Tied with Long Beach for third at Junior Nationals and finished 8-1. Kylie Pickrell and Anna Walsh were all-tournament selections.

6. ASICS KIVA 15 Red

The skinny: Tied for third with a 10-1 mark at AAUs. Kenzie Maloney and Molly Sauer brought home All-American accolades.

7. ASICS Team 15 Elite Bedazzled Marshmallows

The skinny: Also tied for third at AAUs. Went 9-1 in matches and 20-2 in sets. Carly Skjodt and Margaret Estes earned All-American honors.

8. ASICS MAVS 15 Blue

The skinny: Took fifth in Columbus with an 8-2 mark. Jenna Gray and Adeline Ellis were part of the all-tournament team.

9. Woodlands Wave 15 UA

The skinny: Tied for fifth at AAUs. Margaret Connett was an All-American selection.

10. MN Select 15-1

The skinny: Tamika Brekke was an All-American selection at AAUs for MN Select, which tied for fifth.

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Originally published in November 2012

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