DIY: Haute Headband

Rosie Terrell
Beata's DIY Headband

All for one and one for all. Even if you sometimes miss the ball – team spirit and the friendships built during those killer practices and tight games can definitely be one of the best things about playing a group sport. But after the millionth time of putting on the same uniform as everybody else, and the trillionth time of mistaking your best friend’s kneepads for yours, things start to feel a bit monotonous. If only there was a way of adding a little something special to stand out from your beloved teammates. This easy-to-make, do-it-yourself headband might just do the trick. It’s quick, it’s small, and it’ll keep the hair off your forehead. And the best part? Everyone on the team can make their own, without any two being exactly the same!

Supplies: For this signature VBM headband we used two different kinds of ribbon, a funky piece of string, a plain necklace chain, and a regular hair tie. You will also need a pair of scissors.

Setup: Prep your supplies. Figure out what size you need to make your headband by wrapping a piece of ribbon around your head until it fits. Add an extra four to five inches—the ribbon will not be as long once braided—and cut it appropriately. It’s okay to overestimate as any excess can be cut at the end. Use it to measure the rest of the supplies to the same length.

STEP 1 Line all of your ribbons and other materials up neatly.

STEP 2 Tie them to the hair tie with a regular knot. The rest of the ribbons should hang loosely from the hair tie.

STEP 3 Separate your ribbons into different sections, as you would hair, before braiding.

STEP 4 Braid the ribbons together, arranging them along the way to look as you’d like. Braid them until the finished headband looks like it might fit around your head comfortably. Holding all of the pieces together measure it against your head – make sure to account for the elasticity of the hair tie. You want the headband to fit snugly enough to hold your hair back and stay on your head, but not so tight that it hurts.

STEP 5 Tie the braided end of the ribbons to the hair tie on the opposite side from the original knot, to make a complete circle. It’s fine to have some ribbons hanging past the knot. Try the headband on to make sure it fits comfortably. If you need to adjust the size, you can do so by untying the braided portion and fixing it. Once you have the size just right, snip any excess ribbon off with scissors.

Team spirit just got more fun!

Originally published in September/October 2012


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