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The Rox brand came into existence in the Fall of 2008. The idea behind the brand was to transcend the world of volleyball apparel by fusing performance and function with fashion. A team of current and former volleyball players created the brand with the belief that a uniform should be perfectly functional yet stylish enough to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends.

Rox Volleyball’s indoor apparel for women was the first of their lines to hit the volleyball market, focusing on the junior’s volleyball needs. Launching a full line of colorful jerseys, spandex, kneepads and socks in their first season, Rox was able to provide the volleyball player with options they did not have before. Now Rox has expanded into an all-encompassing brand for men, women and juniors that includes indoor, casual and performance beach wear.

With the growth of the sport, the brand realized that beach volleyball had not been given the attention it deserved, and in 2010 came out with a performance beachwear line strictly for the volleyball player. Rox was focused on what beach players really needed in performance wear and now the company has a full line of no-slip bathing suits, board shorts and cover-ups. You can see some of the exciting new gear on Rox Beach Professionals such as Kristen Batt, Adrian Carambula, CJ Macias and Michelle Moriarty.

The sport of volleyball has come a long way and Rox Volleyball will continue to stay ahead of the game in order to provide its customers with the latest and greatest in quality volleyball apparel. Focusing solely on volleyball, Rox has been able to do just that, while successfully coming out with “serious gear for hardcore competition” and a brand that sets itself apart from the rest.

Check out more on the Rox website. You can also see how to apply to become a Rox Ambassador and get free gear!

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