A Long Run

In our lengthy (some more so than others, I’m sure) volleyball careers, we’ve all played in those games that are just miserably unfairly matched. Sometimes, if we’re on top in these contests, we joke to the server that they should keep serving the whole way through the game. Peyton Meachum did just that. An 8th grade setter from Mendenhall Middle School in Greensboro, N.C., Peyton was playing in the Big South tournament in Atlanta for Sportplex Volleyball Club when she served her team to a game score of 25-0. The next game, she stepped up to the service line again, this time for a 23 point run. Her second serving streak was interrupted by a hitting error.

The video begins when Sportsplex 14 Blue is up 17-0 and Peyton doesn’t even look tired. “Finish it!” a parent says. “If she chokes on match point, she’s grounded,” says a female voice one can only assume to be Mom. Luckily for Peyton, she seems to possess a focus quite rare for an 8th grader, and she served out the game with no errors.

Watch a YouTube video of Peyton’s serving run.

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