Chronicling a Volleyball Love Story

Lucky Break, A Love Story. By Belinda Ann Begley
Lucky Break, A Love Story. By Belinda Ann Begley

Belinda Ann Begley’s new memoir, Lucky Break: A Love Story tells the tale of perseverance in the face of failure and success against all odds. When a spinal cord injury reduced volleyball legend Kirk Kilgour from a man on top of the world to a man unable to use his arms or legs, he considered his dream of ever going to the Olympics as good as dashed. But he didn’t give up.

He may have lost use of his ligaments, but he didn’t lose his independence. In order to operate his power chair, he used a chin control. In order to operate the computer, he used a mouth stick. And in order to attend the Olympics, he used his voice – the “smoothest sexiest male voice” Begley had ever heard, as she writes in a recent press release.

Kilgour’s expertise in volleyball took him to the Summer Olympics as a sports broadcaster for ABC in 1984, 1992, and 1996. It was during his search for an attendant for these latter games that Kilgrour met Begley and their love affair began.

In Lucky Break, Begley recounts the story of the man she loved – his rise to fame, his sudden tragedy, and his unrelenting relationship with volleyball as an athlete, a college coach, a top television commentator, and finally a disabled rights activist. In this intimate memoir, Begley paints a picture of Kilgour as a lover in all areas of life.

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Originally published in March/April 2012

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