Think you could have gone head-to-head in this competition?

Championship Match: Penn State vs. Cal
Joshua Duplechian
Championship Match: Penn State vs. Cal

Q) Which two UCLA alumni went on to become 3-time Olympians?

A) Elaine Youngs and Holly McPeak

Q) In 2008, this school swept the AVCA year-end honors with the Coach of the Year and Player of the Year in both the men’s and women’s categories.

A) Penn State (Russ Rose & Nicole Fawcett, Mark Pavlik & Matt Anderson)

Q) What organization hosted the first volleyball demonstration game?


Q) Who is the official uniform and equipment provider of our US Men’s and Women’s National Teams?

A) Mizuno

Q) In what country was the spike invented?

A) The Phillipines

Q) What was the original name of volleyball?

A) Mintonette

Q) What year was the first NCAA women's volleyball championship?

A) 1981

Q) What University holds the most Division I NCAA women’s National Championships?

A) Stanford (6)

Q) Name the only woman to play for a Division I men’s volleyball program.

A) Laurel Brassey

Originally published in February 2012



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