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Inside College Volleyball By The College Volleyball Coach

“Inside College Volleyball: Recruiting Information & Advice, Training Tips, and More for Players, Families, Coaches, and Fans”

By The College Volleyball Coach (anonymous)

Readers of the popular blog know that The College Volleyball Coach tells it like it is. And now they can get that same valuable information, expanded upon, in the new book “Inside College Volleyball.” Written anonymously by “Coach,” who lists himself as a former collegiate and U.S. National Team member, the book is a must for players, parents, coaches and anyone involved in the college recruiting process.

The book goes deep into the ins and outs of the college recruiting process, and gives valuable information from a college coach’s perspective. After an introductory glossary of NCAA recruiting terms, the book outlines a step-by-step recruitment plan, starting from the player’s freshman year all the way through the end of high school.

The book will be familiar to Coach’s blog followers, as he answers questions and speaks to specific aspects of the game, much like he does in his blog posts. Despite the comprehensive and thorough information presented throughout the book, Coach makes sure to emphasize that volleyball is still just a game, and should always be fun.

Available for purchase on Amazon. For more information visit the College Volleyball Coach.

“Volleyball: Fastest Growing Sport in the World! The Basic Guide to the Sport Challenging Soccer”

By Michael O’Hara

As an Olympian who won the Manhattan Beach Open five times, including at the inaugural tourney in 1960, Michael O’Hara can now add author to his list of accomplishments. His new book, “Volleyball: Fastest Growing Sport in the World! The Basic Guide to the Sport Challenging Soccer” is both a handbook and guide to the world of volleyball, presenting the history, rules and highlights of the game. With this book, O’Hara said he aims to promote the sport and aid in its growth around the world.

O’Hara has been involved in pushing the sport to greater reaches for many decades. Volleyball at UCLA was once a purely intramural sport until 1953 when O’Hara and his Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers convinced Wilbur Johns, the UCLA athletic director at the time, into letting them represent the university at the national collegiate volleyball championship. They won. With their win, Johns made men’s volleyball a varsity sport.

O’Hara later went on to play in large competitions such as the Pan American Games in 1959, where he played on the gold medal-winning U.S. National Team. From there, he went on to join the U.S. team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, during volleyball’s first appearance in the Summer Games.

It was not just volleyball that O’Hara was involved with though; he also played basketball at UCLA, later helping to develop the American Basketball Association as well as the World Hockey Association and professional track.

While O’Hara wrote much of the guide, it also contains sections written by Gabby Reece, Doug Beal, Sinjin Smith, John Kessel, and Gary Sato among others, with each voice lending a unique and varied perspective. The book covers everything from prep (Youth and High School Volleyball for Girls & Boys by Kessel), to beach (U.S. and International Beach Volleyball by Smith) and even injury prevention (An Overview of Volleyball Injuries and Their Prevention by Dr. Jonathan Reeser). The handbook contains something for everyone, and should be a staple on the shelf of any coach, player and volleyball enthusiast.

$17.95, available for purchase on Amazon. For more information visit Volleyball Mike.

Originally published in November 2011

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