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June 16
@CanadaBeachVbal (Heather Bansley)
Lost to the reigning world champs from USA this morning, finishing #WorldChampionships w/ a 17th! A good result for us & great experience!

June 13
@kerrileewalsh (Kerri Walsh)
Just got back from a trip to the Vatican w my sis & my boys. So beautiful. So special. 1st trip 2 Rome. Loving it! Here to win!!!!!

June 1
@JenniferKessy (Jennifer Kessy)
Drug testing wake up 6:05 am. Gotta love it!

June 15
@Napela (Lindsey Berg)
Tupelo of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara...fried chicken salad...incredible

June 15
@BrettQuirarte (Brett Quirarte)
I wanna be in a flash mob. Anyone?

June 1
@BrookBillings (Brook Billings)
At pottery barn scoping stuff out for @brettquirarte and my wedding registry. One of each please...or 10

June 16
@morganebeck (Morgan Beck)
Back in California! Headed over to do a quick Cuervo shoot then relaxxxxx

June 11
@ChelseaRashoff (Chelsea Rashoff)
@morganebeck I am in a bikini contest tonight against my will, you best be comin' haha

June 3
@BeachProApril (April Ross)
Some guy at the gas station just got SOOO mad at me for not moving immediately after my pump was finished he started cussing at me! #rude

June 16
@MistyMayTreanor (Misty May-Treanor)
A little breakfast, then to the site to practice a little....a great day in Rome. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Originally published in August 2011

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