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Halsa mat
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Halsa mat

Ever heard of lying on a bed of nails to improve your health? This modern twist on an ancient Indian remedy for pain has actually proven to be effective in improving several aspects of its users’ wellbeing.

The 8,820 spikes on the hälsa wellness™ mat are aligned with your acupressure points and stimulate your body’s endorphins and oxytocin, which relieve pain. The benefits of using the hälsa wellness™ mat include lower blood pressure, better blood circulation, higher energy levels and improved nutrient circulation throughout the body, making it a perfect option for athletes and those who experience stress, fatigue and pain often.

For the best results, use the mat on bare skin or with a thin sheet over the spikes. It is recommended that you use the mat for 10 minutes at first and then 20-30 minutes after the first week to allow your body to become accustomed to the mat.
The hälsa wellness™ mat is available at hälsamat.com for $39.95 and comes in black, green and purple.

Originally published in August 2011

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