The Perfect Partner Workout 4-Exercise Circuit

By Stephen Cabral, CSCS & Julia Sousa, CPT Strength & Body Transformation Coaches,

Rosie Terrell
Stephen Cabral & Julia Sousa

This is the perfect way to enjoy a challenging workout while having some fun with your workout partner. This 4-exercise circuit is designed to not only strengthen and stabilize every muscle and joint in your body, but also to get you into great shape by getting your heart pumping at the same time.

The “Perfect Partner Workout” will strengthen the stabilizers of your shoulder joints, as well as your deep hip and core muscles. The two leg exercises will also provide both strength and power by utilizing your hamstring dynamically and isometrically, while working your inner and outer thighs in an explosive lateral movement with the sprints.

We’ve designed this sports-based circuit to be completed by doing all 4 exercises in a row and then taking a 2-3 minute rest before repeating 2 more times. Complete 3 total sets for each exercise and remember to ease into these movements your first week until you master the form.

Exercise #1:

Wheelbarrow Hand Walking

This is a fun exercise where one partner is working by holding the feet and lifting up the legs of the other, while the athlete being held uses her hands to walk down a straight away. The partner who is in a push-up position with her legs raised should keep her fingers spread open to relieve pressure on her wrists and walk as far as they can before their shoulders, arms, or core give out. The partner holding her legs up should fully engage her core, only walk forward as the other athlete moves, and not push them to walk faster. This exercise should remind you of the old “wheelbarrow races” you did when you were a kid.

  • Weight Body weight

  • Reps As many as possible and then switch positions

Exercise #2:

Partner-Assisted Straight Leg Bridging

One partner should lie down on her back while the other partner holds her ankles and braces his own body in a half squat for support. The partner lying on the ground should squeeze her glutes and lift the entire body off the ground in a straight line with only the head and shoulders remaining in contact with the ground. That athlete should lift her body as high as possible and hold at the top for one second before slowly lowering to 1 inch above the ground. Repeat by immediately pushing the body back up into a straight line by squeezing the glutes together and driving up into a hip extension.

  • Weight Body weight

  • Reps 10-15 reps and then switch positions

Exercise #3:

Partner Oblique Twists in a V

Both partners should be seated in a boat pose or v-sit position where only their hips are touching the ground. Next, one partner should grab a medicine ball and twist to one side to meet the other athlete’s hands and pass off the medicine ball. From there, that partner now holding the ball should twist to the other side and once again pass the ball off to their partner who also twisted around to meet them.

  • Weight 6 – 15 lb. medicine ball

  • Reps Twist side to side for 30 repetitions

Exercise #4:

Monster Band Lateral Sprints

Both athletes should step into a monster band so that it rests on the waist of each person. The partner who will be laterally sprinting should face perpendicular to the other partner. One athlete should sprint out laterally about 3–5 steps away from their partner as the other partner keeps a strong athletic stance to prevent themself from moving with the sprinting partner.

  • Weight 2–3.5” Monster resistance band

  • Reps 10–15 Sprints per side and then switch partners

The “Perfect Partner Workout” should only take about 15–20 minutes to do as long as you are keeping your intensity up and not resting too much. It is the perfect addition on days when you are short on time or are looking to get in a little extra training on a practice day. After a few weeks of adding this workout in 1–2 times per week we have no doubt you will be a stronger, faster, and more explosive athlete.

Originally published in August 2011

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