Rival Massachusetts Volleyball Teams Compete for a Cause

The Side-Out Foundation hosts Dig Pink volleyball events
The Side-Out Foundation hosts Dig Pink volleyball events

If you watched any of the NFL games last Sunday you probably noticed an abundance of pink. (No, not the recording artist – the color.) As part of its “A Crucial Catch” campaign, the National Football League plastered its playing fields, and our television screens, with pastel pink in an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer.

What you may not have noticed is that, off screen, millions of women’s volleyball players have teamed up to make a statement of their own.

Welcome to the Dig Pink campaign, sponsored by the Side-Out Foundation.

Started by Rick Dunetz in 2004, Side-Out created a partnership between athletes and patients, and began what was to become a real team-effort. Since 2004, Side-Out has raised over $3.5 million for breast cancer research. And that is real-world, grass-roots stimulus.

In addition to taking direct donations, the Side-Out Foundation encourages both college and high school students to get involved in the fight against breast cancer by offering scholarship and grant opportunities to those individuals who approach the Dig Pink campaign as more than just a fundraiser.

All across the country young women (and men, too) promote events and raise both money and awareness in support of their cause. In addition to sponsoring a first of it’s kind clinical trial to examine the effects of personalized treatment on patients with metastatic breast cancer, Side-Out also focuses on reinforcing available treatment and information programs in the communities from which it draws its support.

Today, two girls’ volleyball teams in rival high schools in the same Massachusetts town are hosting just such an event. It’s a real hometown rivalry; only, this time, both teams win. Quincy and North Quincy have set their goal at $5,000 and they need your help to reach it.

Starting at 6 p.m., on Thursday, October 6, the squads will go head-to-head in a fall-down, bare-knuckle brawl for breast cancer, on the floor of the North Quincy High School gym. Throughout the game they will host various fundraising opportunities, from raffles and contests to prizes and party favors.

As some of you may know, at one point the North Quincy High “Red Raiders” constituted the elite girls volleyball team on the East Coast, capturing three consecutive Atlantic Coast League titles from 2005–2007. While they haven’t won it since, they’re off to an 8-0 start this season, and their engagement with Side-Out has certainly taught them a valuable lesson – just keep fighting.

North Quincy vs. Quincy
October 6 @ 6:00 p.m.
In the North Quincy HS gymnasium.

Donate to this Dig Pink event.

For more on the Side-Out Foundation read this VBM article from the June issue.

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