Boys 2011 Final Club Rankings, Presented by Mizuno

2011 Final Club Rankings, presented by Mizuno
2011 Final Club Rankings, presented by Mizuno

These rankings list the top 10 squads in the boy’s 18s, 17s, 16s and 15s club divisions.


1: Balboa Bay 18 Quiksilver
The skinny: Went 11-0 en route to the 18 Open title at Junior Nationals. Went 22-1 in sets played. Cody Caldwell named 18 Open MVP.

2: SMBC 18 Black
The skinny: Sported a 10-1 mark at JNs and was the top-ranked team in SCVA points. Austin Kingi, Matt Tarantino and Andrew Sato named all-tournament at JNs.

3: High Line VBC 18 Black
The skinny: Finished third at Junior Nationals. Jacob Burkhardt and Jonathan Schaefer were all-tournament picks in Minneapolis.

4: Sports Performance 18 Mizuno
The skinny: Best finish for a Sports Performance team in 18 Open since 1995 (current coach Bryan Johnwick played on that team). Greg Petty and Nolan Albrecht named all-tournament.

5: Outrigger 18
The skinny: Hawaii-based squad tied for fifth at Junior Nationals. Micah Christenson was an all-tournament selection.

6: OCVC 18-1
The skinny: This top 3 SCVA squad went 8-1 at Junior Nationals and tied for fifth. Spencer Buckley named to the all-tournament team.

7: Legacy 18-1
The skinny: SCVA’s fourth-ranked team tied for fifth at JNs. J.J. Mosolf was selected to the all-tournament team.

8: Manhattan Beach Surf 18s
The skinny: MB Surf went 8-3 at Junior Nationals and finished in the top 6 of the SCVA rankings.

9: Ocean Bay 18 Quiksilver
The skinny: Florida-based squad won the AAU national title with a 9-0 record and took 10th at Junior Nationals. Christian Franceschi named AAU 18 Open MVP.

10: Ultimate B18 Gold
The skinny: Started out Junior Nationals with a 6-0 record before loss to High Line.


1: SCVC 17 Quiksilver
The skinny: Bill Ferguson-coached squad went 9-2 en route to 17 Open title at Junior Nationals. Chris Orenic was named 17 Open MVP.

2: Manhattan Beach Surf 17s
The skinny: Nick Porterfield, Parker Boehle and Alex Slaught earn JN all-tournament accolades for national runner-up.

3: MVVC 17s Red
The skinny: MVVC went 68-10 with seven losses coming to 18s teams. Don Shaw-coached team had four top 5 key tournament finishes. James Shaw and Chet Radish named to all-tournament team.

4: The HBC 17 Scott
The skinny: Only loss at Junior Nationals was to runner-up Manhattan Beach Surf. Madison Hayden earned all-tournament accolades.

5: West Allis Lightning B17
The skinny: Suburban Milwaukee-based club went 7-2 at Junior Nationals and tied for fifth. Trevor Novotny named to JN all-tournament team.

6: Balboa Bay 17 Quiksilver
The skinny: Jack Reed was an all-tournament selection at Junior Nationals for Balboa Bay, which went 6-3 and tied for fifth.

7: Sports Performance 17 Mizuno
The skinny: Sports Performance went 7-4 at Junior Nationals in Minneapolis and tied for fifth. Tom Jaeschke was an all-tournament selection.

8: Ultimate B17 Gold
The skinny: Chicago-area team shook off loss to West Allis at Junior Nationals and won its final two matches.

9: Yorktowne 17 Blue
The skinny: Scored numerous impressive wins early on at Junior Nationals, but ran into rough stretch in latter stages of the tournament.

10: Legacy 17-1
The skinny: Got off to strong 6-1 start at Junior Nationals, but ended up finishing 11th in 17 Open.


1: Balboa Bay 16 Quiksilver
The skinny: Won nine matches en route to 16 Open title at Junior Nationals. Tucker Pikula named MVP of 16 Open. Kent Kawaguchi, Jake Arnit and Kevin Rakestraw earned All-American honors.

2: The HBC 15 Adam
The skinny: Ranked ninth in SCVA points standings, HBC charged all the way to the national-championship match. Chad McCallister, Michael Such and Johnny Em named all-tournament.

3: SCVC 16 Quiksilver
The skinny: SCVC went 9-2 at Junior Nationals and was ranked second in the SCVA points standings. Chris Kennedy and Riley Mallon named all-tournament in Minneapolis.

4: Shorebreak 16 Mikasa
The skinny: Alec Tollgaard and Jake Reeves were all-tournament selections for a Shorebreak team that took fourth at JNs.

5: 949 16 Black
The skinny: Top-ranked SCVA points team went 6-3 at JNs and tied for fifth. Thomas Thayer named all-tournament at JNs.

6: Ultimate B16 Gold
The skinny: Ultimate went 6-3 at Junior Nationals and tied for fifth. Jacaob Walenga was an all-tournament pick.

7: Pali 16 Kaepa
The skinny: Pali 16s went 7-2 at JNs and was also in the top 3 in the SCVA 16s points rankings.

8: Manhattan Beach Surf 16s
The skinny: Like Pali 16s, Surf went 7-2 at Junior Nationals and also finished in the top 8 in the SCVA points standings.

9: Rochester Pace Bootlegger 16-1
The skinny: John Sprague was a Junior Nationals all-tournament selection for Pace Bootlegger, which won four matches in Minneapolis and tied for fifth.

10: Adversity Elite 16
The skinny: This Chicago-area squad went 6-4 and finished ninth at Junior Nationals.


1: Ka Ulukoa M15 Mizuno
The skinny: Hawaiian team went untouched at Junior Nationals with an 11-0 record in matches and a 22-0 record in sets. Larry Tuileta named 15 Open MVP.

2: Manhattan Beach Surf 15s
The skinny: Surf went 8-3 and took third at Junior Nationals. Cole Paulin and Louis Richard earned all-tournament honors.

3: Balboa Bay 15 Quiksilver
The skinny: Balboa Bay won six matches at Junior Nationals and placed Nick Valles and Brenden Sander on the all-tournament team.

4: Ultimate B15 Gold
The skinny: Ultimate went 8-3 at Junior Nationals. Austin Royer was an all-tournament selection. Ultimate won three festival qualifiers and then took sixth at nationals.

5: OCVC 15-1
The skinny: OCVC turned in a 7-4 showing at Junior Nationals and went 5-0 to finish the tournament after enduring four straight losses.

6: MVVC 15s Red
The skinny: Joel Kitchen was an all-tournament pick for MVVC, which finished tied for seventh at Junior Nationals.

7: Shorebreak 15 Mikasa G
The skinny: Shorebreak logged 13 matches at Junior Nationals and turned in a 10th-place finish.

8: NCVC 15-1 Black
The skinny: NCVC started fast at Junior Nationals with wins in three of its first four matches. Finished 6-4 in Minneapolis.

9: Adversity 15 Elite
The skinny: Adversity won six of its final seven matches at Junior Nationals.

10: D1 Chicago 15 Teddy
The skinny: Went 6-5 in Minneapolis thanks to wins in four of its final six matches.

Originally published in September/October 2011

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